How To Install Mcafee Antivirus On Dell And HP Laptops Easily?


A good antivirus solution is a need of every laptop and electronic device in order to protect them from dangerous viruses and malware. And when we talk about an antivirus which will protect our device from glitches, Mcafee is the most popular and prominent antivirus which comes into the mind. It's a one-way solution to beat all the viruses and spam affecting your device. However, you need professional help in order to use Mcafee antivirus for different purposes. One of the common queries that our team encounters every now and then, is that how can a person install Mcafee antivirus on Dell as well as on the HP laptop. Are you also looking for the answer to the particular question or other questions related to Mcafee antivirus like how to start Mcafee Login Australia? Then keep reading this informative blog.

Steps to install Mcafee Antivirus on Dell laptop are as follows:-

  1. Go to the home page of first and click my account to sign in.
  2. Provide your email and password and tap login.
  3. If you don't have a Mcafee account then register on a new account for the same.
  4. Select the LiveSafe product subscription and download it.
  5. Read the information mentioned in license and follow the online instructions.

Steps to install Mcafee Antivirus on HP laptop are as follows:-

  1. You need to register Mcafee subscription on your laptop first.
  2. Sign in and provide your email ID and password.
  3. Click on my account option and select the product to download.
  4. Tap run and read the instruction provided on your screen.
  5. Select the option form the Mcafee list of products and you're done.

These are the steps to install Mcafee Antivirus on Dell and Hp laptops. If you require more information about Mcafee antivirus then feel free to have a word with McAfee Customer Phone number Australia anytime anywhere. Our professional and expert team will assist you with all possible ways and means in context to your query. We understand the urgency of your issue and value of your time this is why we treat your concern as our topmost priority. Don't give it a second thought and reach us through live-chats, phone calls and emails as per your preference and convenience.

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